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Shonda R. James,

Co Founder, Chief Research & Development Officer, Writer & Producer


Second Life Name: Keyia Hynes


Shonda hails from Los Angeles, California and has Caribbean roots. Her background is in education and art. In 2007, she was watched a news report on a woman millionaire who played Second Life and her interest was piqued and she decided to try it out.   She says it reminded her of the Sims game a bit, but with more detail and freedom for creativity. While learning the basics, she ran into some incredible people with whom she would later forge permanent bonds with.


Shonda says “We are a group of family and friends who spend time inworld as well as out. I am grateful for having them in my life.”  Her vision for Exquisite Xpressionz is to provide the community with a fresh breeze of talent rooted in God and geared towards inspiring the youth.


She says passionately, “The world is filled with so many stereotypes and labels that many are afraid to just be themselves. It is important to illuminate the message that it is okay to express yourself, positively and without fear."​

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