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Who We Are


With a spiritual classy edge, EXQUISITE XPRESSIONZ, LLC strives to bring real world elements that engulfs the viewer holistically to touch, move, and motivate the heart, mind, and soul through creative writing, directing and producing art in machinima format, script, short stories, PSA’s and other creative works.


EXQUISITE XPRESSIONZ, LLC is made up of three members; Shonda James (Keyia Hynes in avatar form), Scovia Paulk (Twylitedawn Keng (TK) in avatar form), and Kesha Chatman (Wisdom Price (Dr. Price) in avatar form) all lending a collaborative effort in creating literary works which include song, choreography and visual concepts establishing EX as a genuine brand for the people.


Our Mission


Our mission is to educate, inspire, and entertain all audiences using the second life (virtual world) platform; bridging the gap by promoting real world awareness and positive change.


Our Vision


To influence positive personal and social relationships by writing and creating inspiring content on a cross dimensional level of entertainment.


He Knew


Illuminated before conception "HE KNEW" about this spiritual connection
walking since birth toward this light
"HE KNEW" this mix would be just right
Ethereal... she is
Wise that is
the one who lends and constantly gives
beautiful, bright, radiating a flow
that seeps inside and touches the soul

Radiance for sure
she is definitely the Keyz
the one who holds the branch that leans
never breaking extending and reaching
gorgeous, sparkling a shine so bright all the darkness flees her light

A blaze a fire a walking torch she ignites the heart with just one word
Fiery, roaring inferno like a burning bush instructing right
Powerful, bold as words roll off her tongue
For it is at the dawn of Twylite, a new day has begun
A deeply rooted walking  source,
this girl is on  fire, feel the heat
it radiates higher with each heartbeat.......

so "HE KNEW" these elements of conception would one day be

Exquisitely Xpressing!

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