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Scovia D. Paulk,

Co Founder, Chief Visionary Officer, Writer, Producer & Choreographer


Second Life Name: Twylitedawn Keng


Scovia was born and raised in Lyons, Georgia and has an educational background in nursing, law enforcement, community services, and Early Childhood Education. Having to be an advocate for her own two children who were diagnosed with Autism/Asperger’s her continued focus and goal is their overall success.


Scovia came to Second Life in December 2008 when a RL friend of 20 plus years told her about it. Initially she logged into Second Life for no real purpose. She heard comments that it was just cool and exciting meeting new people but after some time, everything became routine. Curious to find out what else Second Life had to offer her explorations lead her to meet the people she would eventually call family and business partners. It was then that she realized she had a purpose for being here.


Scovia quotes, “Thinking back to choosing my SL name which comes from her mother telling the story of her birth, her words were “you were born on the twilight of a new dawn and you will be a light unto the world” That, is when my true Journey in SL began. I am Twylitedawn 


When she needs an outlet she gives way to the gift of creativity.  She states that it is a natural passion to want to share the messages that GOD places in her spirit. Her general interests include reading, creative writing and storytelling, writing musical and literary works, singing, and anything soulful!  


She emphasizes “Being a part of such a beautiful partnership within Exquisite Xpressionz allows me to use life’s tragedies and triumph’s to share, teach, and lend myself to the true calling that GOD has placed upon my life".

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