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Behind the Scenes


Joy Jamison

Lives at home with father in The Hollows; Mother left the family in pursuit of own life. Working at Rain Boutique, a high end fashion store in the Hives, Joy has had to find work to help her father take care of the home. Daily she is tormented with rude and hateful comments that challenges her self-worth.  Follow her story on Joyful Noise!

Shonda James - RL, Actress

Alicia Johnson

Hard working manager of P139, a special studio just on the outskirts of Release, Alicia's heart is focused on others always. You will get to learn more about Alicia as BREAKOUT developes!

Kesha Chatman - RL, Actress


Kaptiv is an international pop star who was born and raised in Release.  She's known all over the world for her fashion, music, choreography and personality but who is the woman behind Kaptiv?  Find out more as BREAKOUT developes!

Scovia Paulk - RL, Actress

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Sylvia, owner of Rain Boutique.  She's a high fashion straight to the point business woman .... with a past.  How did she become the woman that she is today?  Trust, there is a story about this one right here.  You must stay tuned to learn more!

Catreese Hill - RL, Actress

Sam & Taj

Sam, one of Alicia's best friends!  She's the one who will tell it like it is and help to push Alicia out the box in her personal life.

Tenaja Ansar & Schmoke Seelowe

Nathan Worthy

Nathan, new to the city of Release! He's a community minded individual who loves the Lord! He has his eyes set on a prize but what will he face as he reach his prize?

D'Angelo Franizzi, SL-Actor; Reginald "Ntegrity" McNichols, Voice Actor

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Creative Nation Music is the Music Composer & Supervisor of BREAKOUT.  Meet the power couple behind Creative Nation Music; Keith D. German and his wife Andrea Howard-German.  Led by the storyline and engrossed in each character, CNM composes original music and outfits scenes with great artistry to help Exquisite Xpressionz, LLC tell the story of BREAKOUT.  To learn more about Creative Nation Music, visit their facebook page or download music from iTunes - D. German!



Be sure to check out NTEGRITY!  He has new music coming out.  To download "Jus Vibe", the song featured in BREAKOUT: Joyful Noise Episode 2, follow this link to itunes and get your copy now!

iTunes - Jus Vibe

Marcea A. Parker

Coming from a musically inclined family, it was only natural for Marcea for follow in the same path.  Gifted song writer; prophetic singer; The Messages of Marcea are sure to take to you to place of "Restoration".  Stay tuned to find out how you can purchase a copy of "Restoration" as featured in BREAKOUT: Joyful Noise Episode 2.

Madeline Gomez

Information to come...

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Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

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